What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is a long-range, big-picture policy document that provides a framework for future decision-making. It should define and communicate the community’s values and vision for the future, featuring goals, objectives, and implementation strategies that chart a course to reach a desired future.

That sounds like a lot. Is anything NOT included in a Comp Plan?

Yes, a Comprehensive Plan should not and can not include everything. It is not: a Capital Plan, zoning regulations, an in-depth analysis of every community issue, or a list of every action the Village aims to complete in the next 5-20 years.

What topics will be covered in the plan?

The comprehensive plan will address many topics, including: land use; transportation and infrastructure; housing; sustainability & the natural environment; economic development & local businesses; equity and inclusion; health, safety, and wellness; and regionalism and intergovernmental coordination.

How does the plan get used?

Glencoe’s comprehensive plan will serve as a statement of the community’s values and priorities. This comes into play at budgeting times and with policy decisions that shape quality of life. The plan will help initiate proactive discussions to avoid reactive debates when issues arise.

Who’s involved in developing the plan?

First and foremost, the community! This is Glencoe’s plan and we hope to engage with and learn from as many residents, business owners, institutions, and organizations as possible. Village staff and the Glencoe Plan Commission is leading the process, with assistance from a consultant team led by Teska Associates, joined by Kretchmer Associates, Hey and Associates, and Terri Johnson (C-Change In Action). The plan will also be shaped by input from leadership partners including Special District Boards and internal Village Boards, Commissions, and Task Forces.

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